Turning caffeine into code...


My name is Joe Cyboski. Who am I? I have been called many things, Cybo, Java Joe, and James Bond (probably for my affinity for gadgets). I am a software engineer in the New York City / CT area, primarily specializing in Java, Groovy and other JVM technologies. I’ve recently overcome my Javascript phobia, and added Node.js to my daily coding routine and projects. I’m also an avid MongoDB user.

I’ve been working in the software field for about 16 years. In that time I’ve wore many hats Software Engineer, Sysadmin, Dev Ops, Perl hacker, I’ve even pretended to be a DBA on more then one occasion, but software development has always been my main focus and passion.

Hopefully you enjoy what you read and maybe even find my posts useful.

opinions and posts contained on this site are solely my own and not that of any of my employers